Going People-less or a Social Sabatical

Picture this. An adorable blonde golden retriever whose sole purpose is to fetch chew toys that have seen better days, enjoy long petting and stomach rubbing sessions, and ward off the occassional bobcat. Now picture a jar of peanut butter dumped into her food bowl causing long and intense chewing session. This in any amount would be biting off more, much more, than that adorable puppy could chew.

And this is what I have done.

Yes, I do this a lot, but this time it involves functioning in the real world and bailouts are against my politics, so I (unlike the financial system) am having to eat what I have served myself, a giant heaping plate of peanut butter. For the last two weeks I have been out of my house once outside of work  and when I am at home I run between school assignments and weedwacking jobs. I love my job and I love all my classes, but it is exhausting to constantly be in gear.

Gotta go



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