Being a Hippie and Knowing Your Seasons

Does flowing long hair, spending excessive time outdoors, not using chemical rich shampoo, using henna, and oversize ponchos make me a hippie?  Maybe not, but appearantly I come across as a little excentric in my brightly colored scarves and tank tops.

Speaking of seasons…fashion people have this theory that skin coloring coordinates with what you should and shouldn’t wear. Appearantly, I should never wear yellow, so much for my dreams of being Princess Belle. No dancing in libraries or being serenaded by dancing cutlery or epic romance… all because of a color clash. As a good musician I have reassessed my seasons according to the music I’m listening to and will dress accordingly…


– Soundtracks to epic movies like How to Train Your Dragon

– Classic Rock like Chicago, Lionel Richie, and Van Morrison (Cause I’m a brown eyed girl)



– Country because late summer sun, dirt, farms, trucks, and guns require it

–   60’s pop cause we’re walkin on sunshine


– Jazz, particularly Chris Botti, Michael Buble, and Tonny Bennet

– Stylized Opera – Four Tenors, Amici, and Josh Groban


– Classical Everything

– During Christmas (from November to January) nothing but Christmas music in all of its forms


Appearantly when Pandora combines Country and 60’s pop it gets Taylor Swift. So I’m going to go rock out to Our Song…. There may be some bugs in the system.





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