What’s Next?

It is amazing to me that every day directs the course for the next like a factorial taking away possibilities with every  number.

Twenty fifteen has already been a year to remember.

In January, I met my brother for the first time in New York, saw Niagra Falls, played many games of Candyland with my niece, and learned what snow really looked like.

Later that month E started back to school with a class mix up that completely restructured our weeks, not that I was paying attention to how one day followed another. I spent December, January, and most of February getting to know our toilet really well, with morning sickness lasting well into my second trimester. Until about two weeks ago, we were trying not to think about the possibility of twins because I was so big for my weeks.

Since last summer we had roaches in our apartment and it never got cold enough for them to stop breeding, so by February we were overrun. I could keep everything clean and they would still lurk on counters and walls, hiding in the pocket under the stovetop until I turned the burner on.

On January 1 around midnight the first mouse made himself known at the same time we discovered a burst pipe that had been pumping water for a couple days. In the month to follow we would realize we were infested, but our landlord wouldn’t take care of the issue until March.

At the end of February they started spraying for roaches which meant moving all of the things I could come in contact with out of the house. After a week of moving, spraying patching, and moving back we found out we would have to do this every month for the next four months and even then there was no guarantee the roaches would be gone. They could even be doing it the week I gave birth.

When our lease ran out we decided to move, suddenly, with only four days to pack and get out, not to mention finding somewhere to go. We had been scoping out the market for a while, but as soon as we made the decision to move all of the rentals dried up.

The weekend we decided to move was the one weekend where most of our help was out of town, but through God’s grace, good friends, and some new ones too we were on my in-laws doorstep by Saturday night with two cats and a couple boxes.

During that time I started subbing at my old high school and loving it. Now I am working on setting up a multi-layered tutoring program for the next school year that would encompass all of the classic subjects, college prep, dual credit work, and learning skills.

My parents recently announced their move and the impending sale of the house after being on the market for almost seven years which means we now have no place to have the baby who we found out a couple weeks ago is an energetic little boy (and we get to help them move 🙂

There is a chance I could have this baby in my in-laws (hopefully renovated) barn.

This Sunday was my due date with our first baby and as we continue to grieve the loss of that little one, we are so excited to welcome our son into the world in July.

Between now and then we hope to find or build a place of our own, finish school (for both of us), successfully renew a driver’s license (after five months of trying to deal with the DMV on top of everything), and maybe take a deep breath.

I feel like I have forgotten things.

I have no idea what will actually happen…



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