About Me


If you saw me right now, I’ld be drinking coffee from the back of the cup, holding it against my chest with my mouth to
leave my hands free for the work that needs to be done.

An hour ago I was kissing my husband goodbye after watching him leaning over God’s Word and closing his eyes to know my other Love. You can’t know me without knowing them.

Fifty minutes ago I was looking at books to read, thinking about what my mind ought to know, the things I want my heart to be filled with, and the worlds I can get lost in.

Half an hour ago I was thinking about the millions of things I have to do, trying to get a handle on responsibility and the difference between needing and wanting to be done.

Fifteen minutes ago I had a spark.

A moment of inspiration, so I stopped to enjoy it.

A couple minutes from now I’ll be playing the self critic, listening to myself say, “You used too many ‘ands’. You should have used a comma…


But I know to turn that off, to ignore it, because running myself down won’t help me improve.

Ten minutes from now I’ll be running to the outdoors, to be where I said I would be, to revel in the creation around me, and the Creator’s Lenten gifts.

And tonight I’ll be joyful tired because I’m learning.

Take everyday – moment by moment.

Be thankful – for the details.

Don’t rush – Be purposeful.

About Me

That’s me…

             where I am now

            what I have learned

            my flaws and how I am growing

             who I am growing with.



10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi W! I found your link for your blog on the CollegePlus! forums. I’m really looking forward to reading your blog more in the future! You have quite the way with words, and I’d be delighted to get to know you more:) Your life and mine are very similar…so busy that you sometimes need to take a break and “smell the roses.” Writing is an outlet for that, as I’m sure it is for you! Anyway, many many blessings sent your way!


  2. Wow! I love this blog! Humorous and down to earth, and reminds me (like Beka) of myself. I do have one question though. I just discovered jazz and was wondering if you could suggest some good groups. Keep writing, please, you’re amazing! God Bless, MB

  3. I’m speachless W. You are truely blessed. I’ve signed up for updates from your mom’s blog because of your writing. I’m an AG student who wants to get into Permaculture. Would love to ramble on with you sometime. Cheers! C

  4. I see we have identical taste in music… and are like-minded about many, many other things. Love your blog and nominated you for an award on our site. Thanks for sharing who you are. Keep writing!

  5. Please keep writing for the Homestead Revival, please. I love getting my newsletter. I also love your blog and I am sending it to my daughter. Thank you both and God Bless

  6. We, my wife and I follow your mother’s blog and really enjoy it. While doing this same today I saw a link to your bog and checked it out. I really appreciate a young person with the fortitude to state their belief in our Lord and Creator. Good Work young lady!

  7. Hello Kate.
    I am Nina and I have an allotment in London UK.(London Allotment on Face Book)
    I stumbled on your blog and paused.
    Your Writing is beautifully light, Reading your words inspired me.
    Just want to let you know; I think you have talent.
    Wishing you the best for the future.
    Thank you.

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