Let’s Start At the Very Beginning…

I live in the top story of an apartment building.

We love it here. No neighbors, kindly landlords, and a rooster that crows on the far side of our draw at 0430 every morning.

I love my kitchen which has developed a lot since I wrote the original post about it.


There are a ton of things to do here:

– Find a place for the books I am pretty sure have multiplied since E and I joined our collective libraries. They are climbing up the walls now.

– Do Mason jars procreate? I started out with a couple flats for canning and now I have two cabinets full plus a bookshelf full of jams and preserves.

–  Figure out how to have two people’s clothing in one closet (If you figure this out, let me know – you should get a Nobel)

Those things are minor details in light of one fact: We want to farm. 

We want that rooster.  

farmingI’m not saying we are desperate, but I have a bad history with roosters and even with the scars I’m willing to go beg for chicken time.

I grew up with my parents in constant transition from house to homestead. We started with a huge garden at the bottom of a gully and graduated to one on top of a mountain. Over the course of six or seven years we got chickens, goats, and bees, as well as the obligatory two dogs and indeterminate number of cats.

Then in February I moved and we no longer had a way to get our farm fix, so in March I started work again at our local farm.

Before I knew it I was itching to ask my landlord if we could get chickens. IMG_0678

When the season ended for me four weeks ago, I tried to get my fix by living vicariously through the lives of Barbara Kingsolver, Kristin Kimball, and Jenna Woginrich among others. This only served to expand my fantasy farm to include guard geese and heirloom vegetables I’ve gathered in my travels.

After a long discussion on our life goals, we have decided for the next six months I get to start figuring out what area of farming fits us best.

I am so excited!

I am going to explore dairy operations, beef and poultry set ups, full diet, specialty crop, and shepherding.

My goal is to garner as many skills and as much knowledge as I can for the two of us.

In one of the homestead planning blogs they made a list of twenty things they had done to get where they are and another twenty to direct them.

Here is my first one: Exploring fall gardening. Which method of planting works best for fall crops? Vertical shafts made of chicken wire, wood pallet garden, raised bed, or hanging basket.

Since we’re at the beginning, I’m linking a few buttons that helped me get organized. I’m far from all set, but as my husband pointed out – We need to just jump in.

– M











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