Walking Into Change

Looking back I can’t believe that day happened.

I can’t believe I got poked and prodded for hours,  wore a white dress, took pictures, said vows, and married my husband a month ago. I am remembering more and more details, family’s faces, hugs, smiles, prayers, and soaring.

I don’t think I stopped smiling for days

My best friends were there – W and B – right beside me as I pledged my life to the best man in the world, while the best man became my father in law. I gained a sister and my sisters, a brother.

This day was full of bests – another best of friends came up and told me she came all the way from Qatar for this day. I cried and she cried (I also freaked out because she was supposed to be in Japan, not the Middle East)

So much love and never letting go of my husband’s hand. He was everywhere in every moment with me, never leaving my side, most of my spare moments I remember looking at him because he seemed to take up all the space in my world and my heart. I couldn’t stop sending prayers of thanks up to God, praying that the Spirit could express in groanings too deep for words the depths of fullness and happiness I felt.

Thinking back, the day blurred by, but I remember our vows and the moment his eyes met mine saying, “By the grace of God, I will.”

Yesterday, a little girl came up to me  asked, “Did you marry someone? Because I saw the movie.”

A family friend made a video that has made the loop around many circles, including both of our parents’ Facebooks. I can’t go anywhere in town right now without being told my wedding was so beautiful and the video made them cry.

It’s great and I mean it.

And here, for the first time (on my blog), is my debut in my own wedding.

Kate & Eric Wedding from IMAGERY DESIGN | Heidi Stone on Vimeo.


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