Living in the Moment

If you saw me right now, I’ld be drinking coffee from the back of the cup, holding it against my chest with my mouth to
leave my hands free for the work that needs to be done.

An hour ago I was kissing my husband goodbye after watching him leaning over God’s Word and closing his eyes to know my other Love. You can’t know me without knowing them.

Fifty minutes ago I was looking at books to read, thinking about what my mind ought to know, the things I want my heart to be filled with, and the worlds I can get lost in.

Half an hour ago I was thinking about the millions of things I have to do, trying to get a handle on responsibility and the difference between needing and wanting to be done.

Fifteen minutes ago I had a spark.

A moment of inspiration, so I stopped to enjoy it.

A couple minutes from now I’ll be playing the self critic, listening to myself say, “You used too many ‘ands’. You should have used a comma…


But I know to turn that off, to ignore it, because running myself down won’t help me improve.

Ten minutes from now I’ll be running to the outdoors, to be where I said I would be, to revel in the creation around me, and the Creator’s Lenten gifts.

And tonight I’ll be joyful tired because I’m learning.

Take everyday – moment by moment.

Be thankful – for the details.

Don’t rush – Be purposeful.

That’s me…

where I am now

what I have learned

my flaws and how I am growing

who I am growing with.



One thought on “Living in the Moment

  1. Kate, I am happy you’re continuing to blog. I’m going to watch your wedding video right now. We’ll look forward to seeing you and Eric this summer! Love, Heather (the first sister–do I still get that privilege?)

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