Introducing M…. yself

You may have noticed my W turned into an M. I haven’t developed some strange form of dyslexia, but I did get married, three weeks ago to the most wonderful man in the world (and yes, after three weeks of marriage I still love him and enjoy washing his coal infused socks)

We live in a two bedroom apartment almost in town, but still in a quiet area, where we have finally figured out how we like our furniture arranged.


I’m a missus and I am just figuring everything out.

 have figured most things out

Haven’t figured anything out… except that stuffing all of our gifts in the guest room gives me some space to think.

Everything changed and I hardly realized it in the whirlwind of romance and wedding planning (read maelstrom of stress and thank you note writing). 

Love makes your perspective on everything change, it makes a person more important than almost anything in your life. It makes you learn to give up, and it turns out that those things you give up weren’t worth holding onto anyway.

I’m loving the calm now. The joy found in spending time with my Soul Mate – these days it seems like my heart spends more time with him than in my own chest.

You can’t understand it until you’re in it, marriage. The bonding together – complete mixing of one into another, so tangled together that you can’t separate the man and woman from the one person they are becoming.

Becoming one – I use his hand motions and feel my face make expressions his makes, feel what I know he feels when he sees things. I hear my words and tones come out of his mouth and see his expressiveness where others see restraint.

We haven’t figured out the future or big goals, but thats good.

I don’t need to have it all figured out right now.

And that was a hard lesson to learn



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