Three in One: Things to Remember

I have heard so many times that my honeymoon will be the best part of my marriage until we tough out eight, ten, fourteen or more years when it will be like we are back on in Yellowstone eating brownies out of the pan, watching Zombie movies because we are so tired. Our honeymoon was pretty awesome, but I have a thought.

It would be sad if the most exciting and best bits of marriage happen in the first two week. 

E and I signed up for an adventure and the thing about adventures is that at some point you will both be pretty sure its going to kill you.

I have learned that it is more important to have a happy husband than a clean house. I need to let go. 

Let go of my pride and determination to be the best wife. But a wife isn’t about scrubbed floors and immaculate organization in under a month at the risk of my sanity.

But it does mean enjoying everyday beauty, the wonder of being a wife. The joy of creating my own home with the love of my life. Reading, talking life slowly, not rushing through every new experience.

Planning my own garden

Garlic Growing; Roots Showing

Enjoying the creativity of living in a small space and starting small things.

Learning to live everyday in grace, given and received, mostly received.

Grace, covering up the flaws and imperfections.

Love, growing and deepening as we forgive each other.



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