The Sinfulness of Sin

One of the more strange stories I have to tell is a year and a little bit when I was on an anti-fungal diet. I could have absolutely nothing with any natural or artificial sugar. Carbs were out from the get go as were most fruits, some vegetables, and anything processed. The goal was to completely starve this symbiotic entity out. The problem was the more I starved myself the more sensitive this thing became because as it was ‘dying’ the tiniest bits of sugar would be like a shot of adrenaline.

This morning I was thinking about how sin is so much like that horrible symbiotic thing. It attaches to you growing slowly painlessly as long as you feed it, but as soon as you try to fight it you realize it has become such a part of you that large pieces of yourself are going to have to change if you want to get rid of it. The more you fight it, the less it needs to get a momentary grip and inundate you with guilt or frustration in hope that you’ll give up.

If I was fighting on my own I would lose. Pride, anger, fear, idolatry, disobedience, covetousness, lust, and selfishness would make me a spiritually broken, utterly helpless person. Those sins are as horrid to God as Ebola, AIDs, the bubonic plague, polio, cholera, and malaria are to us. Imagine being infected with every single one. Even if you could get one cured, another one would kill you and that’s assuming anyone would risk helping you. There would be no hope. That’s how it is with sin, a horrendous offense against God.

He could have left us in our hopelessness, but instead he sent his Son, Jesus, to save us to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Our Savior who simply wants us to love him and in that love, act. How could we do anything else but love the man who died, took our sin upon himself, and saved us from absolute torment. The pain of those earlier diseases combined is nothing compared to the fires of hell and that pain will have its source in separation from God’s presence.

Jesus saved me from that and I love him passionately for it.

So, why would I still go back to those sins that are so horrific? Because Christ cast them so far away it would be nice if we never had to fight them again. The problem is susceptibility. We do not have to sin, but because our lives before Christ have not changed, we are put back into our old environment. The wonderful part is that the change in our lives can be a testimony to everyone there and as you see problems, you can clean your lifestyle up to be more like Jesus.

We don’t live in a sin free world, so we have constant contact with it. It is naive to assume that we can detach ourselves and live like monks on a hill somewhere.

But we are still without excuse, we need to take sin seriously and not treat it as lightly as the world wants us to. Making it seem unimportant is half the battle.



2 thoughts on “The Sinfulness of Sin

  1. I used to visit your mom’s blog last year, but as she doesn’t post much anymore, I forgot about it. I was looking at some things today and remembered to check again to see if she had any updates on the sale of the homestead/finding a new home. I never clicked on your blog before today, and I am glad I did. I enjoyed your writings very much. Thank you!

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