A Trojan Defence

Legend has it that the walls of Troy were unsurmountable. If they were left alone, the city would never fall. In fact their bards prophesied that the Trojans would have to take down the wall themselves if they were ever going to be conquered. They thought they never would fall until a very clever Greek built a horse bigger than the gates of Troy. The Trojans’ pride prevented them from seeing the strategy of the enemy and they opened themselves up to one of the most well known blood baths in history.

They had one defense, a full proof way of ensuring their life, but chose hubris, arrogance instead.

We laugh at them, thinking that they are so foolish, yet we do the same thing.

I do the same thing.

One of my favorite songs has a line that calls Christ, “my one defense.”

He is the Trojan Wall I pull down to sin every day.



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