Prayers, Trust, and Lettuce

I do my best praying while harvesting lettuce dragging my knees along the dirt like a pilgrim praying the rosary on the steps of a holy site.

The farm is beautiful right now – I can taste strawberries on everything. Lettuce is peaking up with basil, summer squash and berries soon to follow. The air is filled with heady lilac and sweet peony.

I have been streamlining lately, trimming off those things that take up time I could be giving to others.

Busy, so busy.

My best friend was married last weekend.

My other best friend is moving to the Philippines.

I am graduating in three months.

I think another stage of my life is ending, but I’m not sure what it is – a final farewell to childhood – an awakening to womanhood.

I am pulling out another empty canvas or maybe simply figuring out what to put on the one I have been staring at for the past several months.

I have been praying for clarity, but I realized I don’t need to know what is there. I only need to trust and depend on the one who has a purpose and plan for every step I take.



One thought on “Prayers, Trust, and Lettuce

  1. Thank you. That is so true! I strugle so hard to gain control and plan ahead, wanting to know whats going to happen. But He is in control.

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