Spring and Dreams

I need to stop reading so many dystopian novels and accounts of war refugees. Last night I was on the streets of Leningrad eating cigaret butts to survive and watching out for green mambas which were in the African river running through a silent cityscape. According to Freud dreams are a sort of wish fulfillment, the subconscious’ way of escaping from reality, but I don’t know why when it is all spring blooms and summery days in reality.

Mom and I spend most of the days planting trees, hauling wood chips, and rearranging garden plans. To be honest she changes her mind while I dig holes…and ditches…and potatoes. Everything is in progress – plants are pruned and beginning to bud, berry bushes planted last week are taking nicely, and the laundry is done. How exciting. My body may want to kill me, but at least its warm enough to use the clothes line.

All in all a good Spring Break.

Easter is Sunday and between now and then there is more work to be done, but the life around us is a constant reminder of the life given to us. We don’t have the time or energy to enjoy our normal celebrations, but I think it fits this year just fine.

Hopefully more soon.



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