Why Anthropology?

At first it doesn’t seem very important. After all, who actually works in their degree? This is fantastic for microgeneticists and the millions of English majors whose degrees are either too particular or very general. I actually considered English and Physics and Philosophy and every other degree like the unsure college kid I was.

Anthropology was an afterthought, but a very good one it turns out. My interest antrho4_finalhas always been worldviews, theology, and overarching trends in every aspect of life: biology, literature, nutrition, education, religion, chemistry. I love how everything is interrelated. The holism, interrelatedness, of anthropology is what got me in the end.

I love being able to look at diseases among the Inuit or African tribes and have the perspective of the culture, history, and religion of the area to help understand the full situation. As a Christian, this gives me an opportunity to see into the world of the people living in lands I may never visit, understand the needs and the troubles they face daily, and be able to explain the best way to approach them with the Gospel.

Anthropology asks, “What does it mean to be  human?”

As a Christian, I have a completely different perspective from my atheistic counterparts. While this does mean that 95% of my course work is utter hogwash, I know their arguments better than they know them. Nothing is being shaken in me, but I am seeing more and more facts that easily slip into a Christian worldview without having to stretch or ignore them.

I love my degree and I will always use it because it is another discipline in worldviews.



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