Hammers and Popsicles

We’ve all had bad days, but I think my excuse for not blogging sooner takes the cake.

Saturday morning I was excited to go back to work and catch up on maid of honor duties. I ran outside for just a few minutes to do some insignificant chore and disaster struck. A bee got caught in my pigtail. I freaked out dancing around our garden with my head between my knees trying to fling it out of my head before it stung me. I failed and my dad ran out to see what was killing me.

It was a bee sting; I moved on. I went to work and dove head first into my job. Literally. Ever had an berry bramble thorn in the eye? It’s awful. My eyes still burn from whatever coats those things.locked_out_of_car

I got ready to go home four hours later and my mom let me know that my sister had the flu and needed popsicles, applesauce, and jello. I just wanted to get home, so going as fast as possible I ran the errand and headed back to my car. I unlocked it and the security alarm went off not stopping until I put the key in the ignition. It wouldn’t start, so I grabbed my hammer and popped the hood slamming the door behind me. I banged on the starter and tried to look like I knew what I was doing in the middle of one of the biggest parking lots in our town. I went to go try again and I realized that I had locked myself out of my car with nothing but a hammer and my phone.

I started calling for help, but of course no one was around, so I sat on the hood of my beat up car with a hammer and waited for my knight in shining armor to come save me. The popsicles and jello were left to melt in my car.

My dad had a speaking engagement, so I sat in the car waiting to go home and thats when the nausea hit. I couldn’t open my eyes or close them, so I sat slightly comatose waiting for them to be ready to go home.

I got nothing done that day. I fell asleep on the invitations I meant to finish. I have to say I was relieved when later dad took me back with the spare key and the car battery was dead and we didn’t have a jumper cable.

I didn’t sleep that night and apparently had caught something on the plane home. Fortunately the popsicles refroze and I had something that settled my stomach.

– W


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