Limits and Battle Lines

You probably just thought of something in particular when you read that word. Limits.

Everyone has them, moral, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. There is always a point you can’t cross.

There was a game in the 1800’s where kids would come up with some daring and, no doubt, foolhardy idea. The leader would draw a line in the sand and all the kids who were going to do it would cross the line leaving the ‘cowards’ behind. On March 3, 1836, this became famous, not as a game, but as question by William Barrett Travis who, after reading a letter demanding he surrender or die, drew a line in the sand and asked who would fight with him.

The idea behind the line in the sand was both reaching a point and going no further and in going further being unable to turn back. Limits are choices that define a person’s character.

They reflect values and what is considered safety.

People seem to think that there are two kinds of limits, those placed on us by others and those placed by ourselves.

I disagree.Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 11.49.03 AM

There is only one set of limits and those should dictate our boundaries in life. God’s standards are unchanging giving us the straightforward set in stone guide of how to live. It isn’t Chutes and Ladders. You don’t get ahead by squeaking by the chutes and jumping from ladder to ladder to be the best. It is a barricade, a fortress we can build to protect ourselves.

Why does everyone look at the do’s and don’ts as something that infringes upon their personal freedoms and ability to express themselves.

If Christ is the solid rock on which we stand and the cornerstone of the church, then our fortress and protection are the words and commands he left us to become the strongest believers we can be. This does not mean vanishing into the dark and protecting ourselves. It means allowing God’s commands and promises to protect us while we fight courageously in the battle for soul. A lighthouse stands against the fiercest storms, the most fortified cities invite the most challenging foes, and the most famous last stands take place at the most defendable position.

Being limited does not mean that you are missing out on anything, but it does mean that the things that bring true joy and peace are constantly available to you, kept safe, and renewing the defenses.



2 thoughts on “Limits and Battle Lines

    • Thank you for both your prayers and readership. My grandmother is doing well and I am visiting other relations in the area. As a result I have limited wi-fi leaving me remiss in my updates. This shall be remedied next week.

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