Letters and Handwriting

I have waxed long and short on the value of words and the effort that goes into writing them.

When I was younger, I protested the hours my mom made me practice my cursive. I hated working at the perfect angle of the paper and how my posture made all the difference. In high school, my dad told me I had handwriting a doctor couldn’t even read. I admit, I was a little proud of the fact. But, if you opened any of the many notebooks I filled with copious details of every class I had at the time, my writing became something completely different.

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 2.33.41 AM

I loved the details of Gothic calligraphy and the spidery elegance of a clean cursive script. Handwriting says so much about a person. Are you creative or methodical? How do you like to work? Who do you like to work with? Are you focused or distracted, logical or emotional, intellectual or people pleasing?

If someone makes the effort to write me, it is more valuable than a text or even the best email.

I may get two letters a year at most, but they can make my week or even month.

Next week is Valentine’s Day. I haven’t really celebrated this day, but I do appreciate the history behind it. This whole day is centered around a note that a martyr gave to his jailer’s daughter signed, “from your Valentine.”tumblr_m7ev3lgCd81qfluu6o1_500 From there notes of courtly love were sent to nobel ladies and the earliest one from that time was written by a the Duke of Orleans for his wife from the Tower of London. His words were sad and simple in A Farewell to Love,

“I am already sick of love,
My very gentle Valentine,
Since for me you were born too soon,
And I for you was born too late.”

The original Valentines were words saved by great men until they were about to die.

Carefully thought, simple and sweet, to the one they truly love.

A final example of the value of letters, a man was fighting in World War II and wrote his wife to remind her how much he loves her and how he counts the letters she writes.

It is amazing how something as simple as a letter can encourage and give so much to a person.

Bucket List: #34 – Write Love Letters

One of the greatest women I have ever read about and I wish I could know was Queen Victoria. Besides the fact that she stood up to her family and ruled a nation, she had a loving marriage to a wonderful man. This man was willing to take a bullet for her and he wrote to her.

The thing about their letters was that they weren’t lovey-dovey, but they expressed concern for each other and offered advice. This grew into a love which is still known today.

Letters are a beautiful thing.



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