A Life in Words

Supposedly women use somewhere between 16,000 and 20,000 words everyday. While I understand the value of words and how living with others they are necessary, I am enjoying not using half or even a third that many lately, at least not vocally. There is no reason to talk constantly here which spurs my creativity.

All day words speed through my brain and my fingers. I journal, write for blogs, write for school, and try to get in about 2000 words every day for my book. Every day a new idea, a new scene, a new piece of poetry finds its root in my head and must be expressed somewhere.

Those are just the ones I create on my own. Most of my days and evenings I am reading someone else’s writings on history, philosophy, religion, astronomy, geology, art, or fiction.

My mind is a never ending pool of thought and words are the droplets which comprise this. I try to channel parts off to fill reservoirs of my own, but there is always more to process, more to learn, more to delve into.

– W


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