To A Dreamer

” When I dream
On my own
I’m alone but I ain’t lonely
For a dreamer night’s the only time of day
When the city’s finally sleepin’
All my thoughts begin to stray”

Another night finds me sitting up with my grandmother watching her, mostly making sure she doesn’t pull her oxygen off and giving her the medications she needs. She talks in her sleep and I am learning so much about her and her world. I love her and it makes the long nights and tiredness all worth it.

Mostly though, I spend the night thinking and writing, studying and reading. I realized nights are the best time for long goose trails and possibilities.

Some of the characters I see myself in the most run around at night dreaming and work hard all day to survive until they can live their dreams. Fighters, “hopers of far-flung hopes,  dreamers of improbable dreams”, and those who knew the likelihood of anything coming true was slim, but tried anyway.

I am starting to understand the wonder of being constantly alone, mistaken for someone else, and invisible to the person you’re taking care of.

On your own, anything is possible.



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