Night Shift and Literature

Early to bed, early to rise? How early makes one wise?

Thornton - the honorable and steadfast

Thornton – the honorable and steadfast

I went to bed at six pm and now I’m up  for the night.

I never really considered myself a night owl, but I am quickly becoming one. I mostly sit in a recliner during the night keeping a watchful eye on my grandmother. I find it more conducive to thought and focus, or marathons of BBC Classics while typing up  and drilling flashcards.

The only important thing that has come of this session is that I realized I like Elizabeth Gaskell’s heroes more than Jane Austen’s.

Jane Austen’s characters are busy running around society fixing family drama. They are all very well endowed men with property, title, station, and looks. They might have a fatal flaw like pride, but it is society drama. Don’t get me wrong. I will always like Jane Austen, but that their is a greater depth to Elizabeth Gaskell’s work.

After all brooding millionaires were never my type, but amateur entomologists who write letters and live in Africa  could be or hard working, honest factory owners who do what they can for their workers. Even the country doctor who can’t get the courage to talk to the parson’s daughter until he saves her life has a story that is real.

Jane Austen wrote drama with romance as the focus. Elizabeth Gaskell’s works were longer and she was able to develop a romance while looking at the issues in the world like industrialization, social reform, service and servitude, crisis of religion, and education.




3 thoughts on “Night Shift and Literature

  1. I agree! Wives and Daughters is delightful – the series is my sister and my rainy day ‘comfort’ film 🙂 but even only examining the books, she is superior. And then Charlotte Bronte comes on the scene and schools them all…

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