Addicted to Safety and Morally Bankrupt

When will people get frustrated enough to do something?bhopal How long will their voice be only in whispers while on break or to their friends as they all commiserate over how messed up the world is? People are starving, dying. Children are being trained as soldiers in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Philippines, yet people voice more outrage about books that speak out against these things. There are 27 million slaves in the world, half are under eighteen. The is only one shelter in the US for the 17,500 who suffer here.

Satan has done a great work in America, in the church here. Most Christians are stuck in a vicious circle where they give their tithe and spend the rest of their week worrying about themselves. What would Jesus be doing?
It is so easy to join the culture and run from reality, but only those who face it can change it. We may not use drugs like 272 million people in the world do or drink our troubles away like 1 in 13 people worldwide do, but how many are addicted to video games? Over 3 million in recent reports. How many are addicted to texting, social networking sites (This includes blogs), shopping, sports, iTunes, food, YouTube, and television? These do not sound like bad things, but when they infringe upon your relationship with the people around you, your family, and God. There is a problem.

American’s have been given a gift, the freedom to help others, but instead we strive after meaningless things, high powered jobs, money, power, or fame, and lose what is important. Broken families, abandoned children, and “troubled” kids fill our nation.

We are nauseated when we hear about child molesters and rapists, but joke about porn in the workplace. Vicarious voyeurs drink in the latest scandal on People magazine and children are raised hearing they were “50 shades” babies. Yet we are surprised that there are 750,000 teen pregnancies per year.

gaming-addiction-hong-kong-9This is not an issue of modesty, purity, or integrity. It is an issue of lifestyle.

Too much worldliness and not enough Godliness.

Every moment of free time has become “me” time. It has become wrong for anyone to ask anything of you during that time. What do we do with that time then? Read, write, email… check up on the news and read an article about the starlet caught in some impropriety. It slips in so easily. Time alone is the most challenging in many ways because you are the one holding yourself accountable.

When does Jesus come into your day? How are you his hands and feet in this sluggish fallen world? It is easy to hear it on Sunday or pray before meals, but how many of us are active in meeting the needs around us, in our community or in the world.

It is so hard to speak out, to step beyond our comfort zones. Even at a Bible study, how many people are quiet, saying nothing on the chance people will think poorly of them. As Americans we are generally addicted to Safety. We like where we are at and don’t want to look outside of ourselves to see others danger.

Christianity is about reaching out to those people. The hurting, the broken, the needy, the damned.

And sharing the grace of God to the people who need to hear it.



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