Discipline, Always Discipline

Currently I’m building a museum, observatory, and small complex of buildings in a gated community. Fortunately I get to cut through all the red tape, no permits, no contractors who don’t return your phone calls. After all extensions on your mind are usually little more than time consuming. I have talked about mind palaces before, mine happens to be a books store about ten times the size of Borders. The problem is while cataloguing short term memory is easy enough, things I’ll need to remember in detail for longer periods of time need their own place.


Why am I bothering you with this? Because it happens to gowith my goals to meditate more on God’s Word. I know bits and pieces, some large chunks, and the general construct of most of the Bible, so I sat down yesterday to figure out a better way to memorize. I realized rote memorization doesn’t work for me and after a little consideration I realized the loci system would work in principle.

During my Quiet Times I have been going chapter by chapter inductively extracting story lines, theological principles, and such. Every book is relatively simple to break down this way, so with this basic structure I built a housing unit on a mountain. Each book of the Bible has its own building and every chapter has a story, so the structure of the building tells you a lot about the Book.

Psalms is a little Dr. Seusical.

The outside decor and landscaping can tell you everything you need to know about the background and history of the book. For example, Genesis is fifty stories, but there was no history before it so its a ziggurat like the tower of Babel and the address has the dates…

Every floor is a chapter and every room is a verse, so ideally, when I’m done I could walk into a building in my mind, go to a floor and room and give you reference and the verse. Whats better is that as I learn more, I’ll be able to reverse the process like a hotel manager knowing who is in each room.

It’s going to take a couple years, but its possible.

The best part is that the more I work on it, the more I will have to meditate upon and memorization does need review to keep it fresh.




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