The Day Media Dies…

The wind is slight and in a single breath I pull back, anchoring my shot. In half a second I check the range and feel the fletching brush my cheek. A breath, a move, and I hear the satisfying thud on the target in the black.

I was never good at sports. I can play football, but my parents are Texan; it’s instinct. In school there were rules dedicated me and I was excused from P.E my senior year because it was detrimental to my health. Face plants, gashes, large bruises (multiple ribs), sprains, asphalt burn, poles…

Like the princess of Genovia, I’ve realized I should stick to rock climbing and archery. I like them both as well as hiking, kayaking, and anything mostly unorganized.

The day we lose social media, I will be detached from my laptop and more permanently affixed to my bow. It is relaxing and I become aware of my surroundings. The end of social media will probably be the end of my college education and any other endeavor outside of survival and family, so I might as well enjoy it.

Mama’s Losin’ It


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