A Time For Meditation

There will not be many “how to” guides or farm stories from now until March. I am spending time with my grandmother in Texas. This means I will get a lot of time to study and think. I have been asking God to teach me how to meditate on his Word, give me wisdom, grow me, and bring him closer to him. I talked about developing habits of holiness a few days ago and I know that this time is helping me to do that.

I have been taken away from the things that distract me tolivenotexist.wordpress.comand given a rare time to focus on Christ and rework my thought life. It is hard to be trying not to say or do anything wrong and trying to rework the way you think at the same time. I get to think now, and seek after God. My mind has mothballs after months of neglect partly because I was too focused on distractions and mostly because I was too lazy to discipline myself.

What is meditation?

I hope you aren’t thinking of the rhythmic chanting that many animistic religions used to appease their gods. I’m not talking about awakening spiritual energy while doing yoga either.

Meditation is thinking about and searching God’s Word for understanding about The Father, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and His words. It is memorizing Scripture, reviewing it, living it out, and reflecting upon it. It is seeing the world through the lens of God’s Word and works. It is consistently contemplating the same passage of the Bible, not to find some hidden meaning, but to see it from the different perspectives circumstance bring. It is contemplating chapters and books until you know the truths taught and the Word of God for yourself. It is internalizing the Bible, so that your Sword of the Spirit is sharp and ready for action. It strengthens ever aspect of your armor.

I want to know God. I want Him to be my intimate friend.



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