What Do You Collect?

My mom used to collect Longaberger baskets.tolivenotexist.wordpress.com They were everywhere in our house, a big one on top of her desk, my first purse was one, mom’s veggie platter fit in a long low basket, and I seem to remember there was a really big one that I could fit in. She sold them when we decided to move to the country and then started blogging. The rest is history.

I collect thoughts, things I read, what people say, a phrase. I have been trying to find a way to organize them. My first attempt was to note them in books and journal the rest, but I realized writing in library books is frowned upon and I went through journals too fast.

My next thought was to save them under the quotes section on my facebook page or as a note so I would have a permanent back up. After the first fifty, I realized it was difficult to keep straight and apparently makes it difficult to look at my about page.

During this time, I am reading, writing, thinking, talking, and listening, so my need for more space is stifling.

Then I read a book about reading books.

The author collects the same thing I collect…. Imagine that!

He keeps a database of subjects with quotes and thoughts and ideas. He also marks up his books in a most spectacular way.

Now I need to go put together a database of all my quotes from the last several years-

Oh dear…



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