Purposed, Given, Altar-ed

Another question I came across in the different blog awards was, “Where do you see your blog going in the next year?”

Viral…obviously – or not.

Really. The original purpose of my blog is living adventurously in everyday life, living life to the glory and honor of God. Last year that meant learning to be a daughter and sister. Last year was a challenge. I worked, went to school, and dealt with life, all in the small town I didn’t think I would still be living in when I was twenty.

This year my goals are simple. Texas, graduate, wedding (best friend’s that is), move up north, get a job, live on my own,  start school again, not stop writing.

Maybe not simple, but easily stated. I have a purpose and know what I need to do.ss-vineyards

I hope to get my bachelor’s and then head up north to Santa Rosa, California where there is a sustainable agriculture, culinary arts, and viticulture program.

I will have a lot to write about, new experiences and my many failures.

I want to be given, poured out, for God which will be more challenging outside of my small town. I have been given more time in safety to learn, grow, and challenge myself, so my faith will be tested.

This brings me to being altar-ed, not tabled.

I hate the phrase, “Let’s table that.” What does that mean? Stick the elephant in the room on a table so now everyone is focused on it? By altar-ed I mean putting my life on an alter as a living sacrifice and the alterations which occur because of that.

So, this year I hope to display that here.

In two words, constant growth.



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