Challenge, Inspiration, and Direction

Earlier this month a fellow blogger nominated me for an award which is more of a social networking tool so that exemplary bloggers are encouraged in their niche and random questions are asked. When I scanned over the criteria, I found a few questions whose answers will help explain not only the obvious improvement in the quality of my posts from years ago to now, but also look at my big picture goals personally and in the blogosphere.

Why did I start blogging?

I started blogging on Valentine’s Day of 2010, the year I graduated from high school. Like many things I thought were “cool” in high school, it wasn’t. I look back and realize that while I did have something to say, it was not presented well at all. Living Life Laterally was the prototype for what became To Live, Not Exist. It was a little preachy, but so was I at that point. I was just learning how to express myself and I knew I had Living-Life-Laterallysomething to share with others.

With titles like Humanism in Literature and John Faustus: Machiavellian, who wouldn’t want to read it? That’s right, not even my mother.

That summer I was sure I had discovered God’s plan for me and wanted to track my great success online, you know, so that when I was old and an expert at plating some person would want to make a book from my blog. The concept behind Country Girl to Career Chef  was simple, write as I learn. At least it was funny at points, Spanish sinks, oil based sauces, and the triumph of grilling the perfect steak filled pages, but when I  realized my view of God’s plans was not quite accurate, I lost my niche.

I started getting frustrated because I wanted to write about God’s work in my life no matter where He took me. I wanted to celebrate history, theology, and literature while at the same time enjoying the every day glory of living in Christ. I always journaled sporadically, but over the past year and following, I had filled hundreds of pages with thoughts about everything from the corrupt nature and deviousness of the current college system to how a pile of weeds is an accurate representation of my walk with Christ. I wanted to share my thoughts, expand my thoughts and grow as a writer and a person, so I started writing. I dropped blogger because I wanted a change and started off with talking about my goals which at that point were a driver’s license and an adventure.

From there, I grew. Blogging has helped me focus my thoughts and express them in a cohesive way. For a person who is rhetorically challenged, reflecting on the amount of growth in my writing is encouraging. I still write run-on sentences because my thoughts are not grammatically structured and probably miss a comma here and there, but I have done what I started out to do.

In the end, my elevator speech about this blog is simple.

Live adventurously, think deeply, and write.



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