Six Eyes

After two weeks of serious and mature blog posts I am ready to lighten up a bit.

I wear glasses or rather I am supposed to when I drive and look at signs or anything at a distance. About a year ago I realized I needed them for more than just looking at signs. It started as a small head ache and slight blurred vision and then all of the sudden I started having trouble reading.

That’s a problem, a big one. Not reading for me is like a sixteen year old not being able to play video games or a runner slicing his Achilles tendon. So like any college student with too much on her plate , I waited a year to have it looked at. I took 800 grams of motrin and used the large font on the computer.

I walked into the office today and hit it off with the receptionist. Dental horror stories – they bond us all.

After paperwork, staring at the rest of Costco, and sitting on the red bench at the edge of the warehouse, my optometrist walks out and calls my name… in the middle of Costco. mr-miyagi-smiling

I start looking at slides of blurry dots, colors, numbers and strange letter combinations. After twenty minutes of “one or two, four or eight, this or that.” he slips back into his chair and starts writing and then explains how my reading prescription is different than my distance prescription, but not such that I need bifocals. So now I am gonna have to carry two prescriptions around.

My first response, “Is nothing ever simple?”

Then my optometrist turns into Mr Miyagi, “Life is not simple. It is complicated and you have many years to discover it. Sometimes it mixes up like carrying two pairs of glasses, but the more complicated it is, the more you grow.”

Then he kicked me out of his office, so he could charge the next customer for invading personal space, blinding bright lights, and headaches.

I now have wire framed glasses with gold rims. I don’t know whether I look professional or just old, but I think I like them if only because the tiny print in Anna Karenina will miraculously be legible and I won’t have to use a magnifying glass to read my Bible.



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