No Excuses

In the past I have written about William Borden a missionary who gave up millions to follow Christ and serve the Muslims in Northern China. In his Bible he wrote, “No Reserves, No Retreat, and No Regret.” Each phrase was a promise to actively live unreservedly and always pressing forward to the upward call of Christ Jesus. The last part, No Regret, was written shortly before his death because even though following God cost him family, fame, fortune, and what the world considered success , he did not love the World nor the things in the World.

Every day is just a circumstance to glorify God in. It does not matter what you or I do, what you or I have, what you or I think we need. All of those things, career, degrees, possessions, and standard of living are just circumstances within which we have the marked opportunity to glorify God. They are all props and keys to reach the people in that area.

We all search for purpose, but it can only be found in Christ and the cross. As Christians, we have found our purpose, our lives are made complete by Him who conquered death and the trials of living. William Borden actively lived out His faith.

I have been struggling to find where I am supposed to be, filling stuck in the place I should feel most at home, unsure of where to go, and who would have me, but I have realized my pursuit is to honor Christ, now, and the only thing that has stopped me are my own excuses.

Excuses like:

I need to focus on my school – In my case a form of idolatry

I can’t  do anything here – I can serve my family and work on one of my biggest flaws, grace.

I don’t have anyone to encourage me  – I am leaving out my parents, the people who encourage, reprove, and train me. I do not need people in my particular peer level, but I use my desire for them as an excuse to act immature.

I have nothing special to give. – I have God’s grace and truth to give. That is all people need and all I need to be is a signpost directing them to Christ.

There are many more that I am leaving out, but suffice it to say each excuse is a sin that leads to a more invasive sin. Excuses do not become a woman of God. If I want to reach the point in my life where I can say I have no regrets, He must be my focus, my all, and my end.

What passions drive this beleaguered soul?

Success, love, pursuit, acceptance, religion.

If my heart is pleasured but by Thee,

how does distraction pull this tent? Undone

am I. Naked in word, thought, and deed.

Like Thee, Oh Lord, to be, like Thee.





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