Be Still

There is something incredibly beautiful about silence. Words detract from the fullness of a silent moment. It is more intimate than a casual conversation and there are no barriers to hide behind. Honesty, sincerity, and intent are in the eyes and whole conversations can be had without saying one word.

I was once in a botanical garden full of tropical flowers and rose gardens. I dragged a friend of mine to a hot house claiming to have cacti from the Mojave desert. The entire atmosphere inside was different, outside was humid, inside was arid. We were part of a group of about twenty who had been together constantly for months and for the most part there was never much silence; everyone was trying to learn and grow together. I loved it all, but in the moment I stepped into the hot house I noticed the stillness and silence, not even a bug chirped. My friend didn’t hear it for a minute until I pointed out the silence in a whisper. We walked through the room silently and stood there a minute before going back to our misadventures.

I have been thinking about the phrase, “improving the silence.” Silence says so much, in some ways more genuinely and honestly than we can with words.



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