Finding My Christmas Cheer

On Christmas Eve I was still being Scroogy, not ready for Christmas, not wanting the stress of it, but that all changed with one phone call. My best friend called to say she got engaged. That night I had not one, but four of the girls who left and went off to college back. I grew up with these girls and missed them so much. I realized at the end of that night, I had been grieving the loss of the people I love this Christmas. The thing was the five that were there reminded me of how much I do have and that even though they may be moving on, they will always be there for me and love me. Christ is so good to me.

I was given a retelling of Pilgrim’s Progress by my younger sister early the next morning and I read all the way to where Christian reaches the Valley of the Shadow of Death, a long valley filled with traps and snares, voices saying every sin he has committed, and the evils of the world surrounding him. In the original book he went through alone, but in the retelling he had a friend. As he pulled through he was swarmed by the demons of his thoughts pushing and pulling him towards the edge of the path. Tiny pieces of marsh mud entangled him and tried to make him fall and he had no light. He turned to his companion and grabbed her hand to remind him of the truth of who he was in Christ and what their purpose was. It reminded me of our need for other believers support and accountability.

By the end of yesterday I was a maid of honor, surrounded by people I love, and who love God. Christmas cheer was found.


– W


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