The Bibliophile’s Handbook

One of the most logical and thoughtful gifts I have ever been given was from my best friend when I was about eleven years old. I have been a reader since my mom taught me the alphabet and currently own just under a thousand books. My education was centered around reading and writing which has lead me through many more penned adventures, not to mention the things I’ve found in the two libraries I frequent. To add to this there are now ebooks and audiobooks you can find on iTunes, Amazon, Audible, and even online libraries. Book Journal -1

While I have an excellent memory, most of the time, I sometimes find it difficult to recall the detail of a book. If I enjoyed a book, I might want to find more by the same author, remember personal favorite quotes, or use their ideas to explain a concept.

Book Journal - 2

My Reader’s Journal is filled with notes about random books from the one I found on Amazon about the Maine innkeeper who can’t keep out of trouble to the truths expressed in Joel Salatin’s latest book. This book helps me differentiate from different books and recommend a particular book or author to different friends. This journal helps me keep my books straight and helps me find a book I feel like rereading as well.



3 thoughts on “The Bibliophile’s Handbook

  1. That is one of my most prized possessions (and favorite books). I will probably do a blog post on it one day. It is actually two volumes and illustrated. My aunt got it for me one year by having an antique dealer track it down. Another gift I value highly.

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