Cause For Joy

Graphics Design by Marli Renee

Graphics Design by Marli Renee

Might I add my sense of humor as well?
My obsession with tea, Dickens, and trench coats can probably be blamed on the vast amounts of British Lit I read and the many British narrators for audio books.

Fortunately I found someone who has a similar penchant for tea, books, and thought. Her website is bright and cheery and her blog is simply brilliant. I wish I had come up with it first.

At Cause For Joy, Miss Marli Renee presents herself beautifully, as a graphics designer and illustrator should. Currently she is illustrating a few children’s books for Dr William Lane Craig. Her gift shows in everything you find on her websites

On top of all of this she has a wonderful mind. She talks to younger women, giving them ideas and advice in her posts on babysitting, devotions, and organization.

Her heart for God glows through each post and her whole blog reflects the verse  which inspired the name,

“May all who fear You, O Lord, find in me a cause for joy, for I have put my hopein your Word.”

-Psalm 119:74



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