I’m Too Young For This…

I get comments on my age a lot…

I’m too young to know what I want with my life, too old to skip down paths and sing while working, and too quirky to be in most company. The last one might be a good example of hyperbole.

There is one thing I know being twenty is not too young to be ambitious or hard working, but it is way too young to develop grey hairs. Not just one grey hair. Several, all around my ears. I have been finding them since I was fifteen when D (my best friend who went to Indonesia with me) pulled one out of my head at a Breast Cancer Awareness event.  They had been doing a hair drive for Locks of Love and she had chopped all of hers off. Fifteen inches.  She was being jealous of my lustrous, dark, and obviously uncut tresses when she plucked a piece and started laughing and jumping around excitedly. She had found my first grey hair.

It has been progressing for the last five years until today my little sisters looked at me with pity and slight mirth as they found multiple grey hairs all over my head. To my horror I heard the words of Amy March in their chatter, “Oh Jo, how could you, your one true beauty!” Unfortunately, while Jo could simply regrow her hair, my issue is the hair growing itself.

My vanity has taken a hit.

I guess I will simply have to become dignified to justify the evidence of wisdom sprouting from my head.





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