A Castle in the Clouds

Sometimes my mind connects with people and I can understand more than what they say. I can understand their perspective, the world through their eyes, how their mind perceives other people and events, and their reactions. It can be anyone from an acquaintance to an author. It is like empathy, but deals with the more rational side of things. These people are my mind mates, like soul mates of the mind.

Ayn Rand is one of these people. Her books, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, are two of my favorites and while her rationalism and objectivism does not work in the real world, the worlds she created fascinate me.


I went to Hearst Castle this week. It was built by an up and coming architect who no one thought could do the job. Hearst was a publishing mogul who owned the known publishing world. This reminded me so much of Rand’s Gail Wynand and his architect Howard Roark. Apparently , Hearst was the target of Orson Well’s Citizen Kane and several pointed remarks from Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath,

“They’s a fella, newspaper fella near the coast, got a million acres.”
“Million acres? What in the worl’ can he do with a million acres?”
“I dunno. He jus’ got it. Runs a few cattle. Got guards ever’place to keep folks out. Rides aroun’ in a bullet-proof car. I seen pitchers of him. Fat, so’ fella with little mean eyes an’ a mouth like an asshole. Scairt he’s gonna die. Got a million acres an’ scairt of dyin’.”

I have one question, How can a man with so much, still seem to have left so little?




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