Simply Curious

I have always been a curious individual. As a child my mom dubbed me the queen of What-if. I think What-if would be a wonderful place beyond the imagination. Imagination allows you follow creative ideas and create different hypothetical situations. I spend a great amount of time on my imagination  – otherwise I would give up both reading and writing, but the land of What-if  is a sister land.

The land of What-if can be completely original or exist while you are rotating laundry. It pops into existence when you pull a rag covered in oil paint and linseed oil out of the wash and wonder, ” If you put the linseed soaked rag into the dryer would it catch on fire?” or “If you didn’t dig the b-bs out of dad’s pocket before drying it, would there be a mini battle in the dryer?”

These things often take their own goose trails into the wild jungles and stunning panoramas of What-if, but often you end up going down your favorite paths, tales, and thoughts.

What-if has created a rather interesting to-do list including putting a slinky on an escalator and cliff-diving, introduced me to many new friends real and fictional, entertained many thoughts and ideas, and given me room to build many worlds for the stories I have to tell.

Curiosity should never die. Peter Pan never wanted to grow up, but the death of childhood is not turning eighteen or eighty it is losing imagination and curiosity. This helps out of the box thinkers who are mavericks, adventurers, writers, philosophers, inventors, and dreamers. There would be nothing new without curiosity and imagination.

So, do I live in my own world? Yes, it is vital for my sanity, memory, and ideas. These things have no place in the real world, so I have placed and developed them in a place where they can flourish and be called upon when needed.



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