The Poor Tech Guy

My family is a little different. I don’t think I need to prove that.

Our internet has been on the fritz for months, so the other day an ATT techie came out to fix it. He walks in to a rather strange operation. I had been making beef stock and the thick murky broth must have looked like something out of Macbeth. I was extracting beef knuckle bones and vegetable sludge from our largest pot, while C was cooking cans on the stove for some science experiment.

Mom was flitting around the kitchen, fining things to clean, improve and review with B. And someone was reciting the proem from Homer’s Odyssey (not me – I was reviewing my Macbeth witch voice while wondering which witch had to clean the cauldron). Between Shakespeare, Homer, homeschooling, and homemaking, I think we sent the tech guy running for the city as soon as he could get out.

In retrospect we probably seemed like four spinsters…


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