The Ability To Wear Plaid Is A Gift

Scotts had their tartans and ever since then private and prep schools everywhere have suffered the borrow of yellow plaid.

Fortunately, the uniform board at our school saw the error of their ways approximately two yearbooks of skin tone clashing pictures later.

Doll collars, high waisted plaid skirts… and jumpers, and Oxfords – I really don’t mind uniforms, but that was kind of cruel.

Fortunately, my plaid experiences weren’t all bad. In Junior High and High School, they brought in a red, black, and navy plaid, Oxford shirts, and black dress shoes…If it weren’t for the knee highs, life would have been good.

Have you ever tried to keep those things upon your knees? I think the old school uniform may have required an old school answer… Sock suspenders, but those are not cool at all.

After I graduated , I reinvented my school uniform, disposing of everything except the skirt.

Adding black boots and a red turtleneck made it nice looking, but now I get teased for using my school uniform three years after I graduated.

Oh well, somethings, like plaid never go out of style.




One thought on “The Ability To Wear Plaid Is A Gift

  1. I saw you wearing your plaid skirt today! I love it and you look great in it. I’m glad you loved your school uniform. I know you are proud of your school! I really don’t get the free dress day passes, students, wear your uniform with pride!

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