Socrates: The Saga – Part the First

As an avid reader of all genres (except for romance and business) I know what D&D is, Dungeons and Dragons. Who wouldn’t love a game with cards, parameters, storytelling, and multiple perspectives? Its like writing a story with the plot being determined by an outside observer and others reactions… As a woman I would like to introduce DnD – Damsel n Distress…. The card I have had to play at least five times in the last few months thanks to my rather rather obstinate, senile, and dramatic car.

If you scroll through my blog history every so often you will here a complaint about Socrates, my car that strives to live up to the name in Grecian style, attempted self destruction, prolonged monologues before dying, and the marathon ending.

Event 1 – Socrates commits suicide

I should have known when the first blinker light popped out that he was trying to kill himself. Honestly, who gets hurt because they were being too careful when backing out. So careful, intact that a piece of rebar has time to slip into the mechanism that holds the blinker and pop the light out.

Who could have known that two weeks later, when I was going the same place with C in my car, it would kick into self destruct mode once more and try to end it all  on a rock?

Fortunately, my best friends dad and little brother were literally running by and stayed with me until my dad and Frank, the policeman I got to know through my  car debacles, showed up.

I took out a sign and a rock… and cried all over my dad

That was the day I got to know the true nature of my car.



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