Everybody has quirks.
You know the little things that make you unique and odd in your own way. About a year ago a trend swept through the social networks.
The confessions update.
The person updating was expect to post a list of things about themselves which were unique about them. It was some sort of equalizer to help everyone realize that no matter the clique every person was weird.
Well, it didn’t quite work that way. Every person put obvious cutesy,jock-esque, or nerdy confessions, so they wouldn’t rile anyone.
I found it amusing enough to duplicate in my own way:

– I blush tomato red when any attention is paid to me. Someone could say the word blush and I respond immediately.
– I spend five to ten hours alone in silence a day.
– I am phone-phobic.
– I have with me at all times a pocket knife, lighter, mace, and gorilla glue.
– I have a thing for hats and scarves, currently I sport an Indiana Jones styled brown hat for work, a twenties felt for church, and a derby for all other occasions.
– I am a morning person
– I sing classical opera, Broadway, and Italian Pop for fun
– Tomatoes are my therapy – weeding, digging,trellising, harvesting, or laying irrigation.
– I love to sketch and paint, but I am no good.
– I babble when I’m nervous, so I come across talkative

– I run and jump into my bed cause I am alway just a tad bit nervous “something” will grab my ankle.



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