Singing, Woodland Creatures, and Playing Goldilocks

Work was fantastic for two weeks. First, came a week full of advertising, marketing, and research. We took purslane, a plant we had been weeding for hours, and turned it into a cash crop. Then, the week before I left for Texas, I went on a Broadway run, singing every song from every musical I could think of.
I am starting to think there may be something to singing and animals. First, the mocking birds started singing back. Then I found a baby mocking bird in my weeding row. We moved it back into the nest in the olloliberry patch only to have a toad family replace it.
Before we arrived in Texas, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel. Of course I had to try all of the rocking chairs and C put it all together.
The mystery plant, the singing, the woodland animals, the reenactment of traditional fairy tales…. It’s Disney princess syndrome.


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