Family Faux Pa’s

Everyone knows first impressions are vital, but what happens when you only get to make one impression per year?
Yes, your family will always unconditionally love you, but have you ever made a social blunder on your one shot and now you are dreading returning to that particular circle. I have, in fact the embarrassing event is not something that occurred when I couldn’t help it.

Family Faux Pa #1 – Effecting an Affected British Accent

I was bored. Isn’t that how all things begin? It was after church with my great aunt. We were mingling in small groups waiting for my second cousins once removed. Everyone looked spiffy in there skirts, dresses, suits, and ties. Dad and Mom were talking to old friends. B and C were talking to our first cousins once removed. My second cousins once removed ran up in their special church robes for lighting candles. They said hi and it just happened. I opened my mouth and instead of unaccented California English an almost acceptable British accent popped out.
I had a moment to correct my words, but then I made a decision. I could pull my second cousins once removed’s legs for a while.
I ran with it.
It was fantastic for a while. They were in awe of me. It was amusing and even my silence was distinct.
Then we carpooled to lunch and my second cousins once removed’s parents, my first cousin’s once removed (this is the easy side of the family), started asking me questions in front of their children. I didn’t know what to do. I was having fun, so I made the Faux Pa. I kept it up for two and a half hours. Then Mom and Dad snitched on me.
So, now, at almost twenty years old, I am mortified to spend an afternoon with them…


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