Crash Course in Book Reviews (Part 3)

6.Silver Hand

A Celtic version of Aurthurian Legend. Simply put. Brilliant. Full of  Celtic Mythology, adventure, prophesy, travel between worlds, Oxford, training sessions, true love, separation, miracles…may I use a Princess Bride anecdote…Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, True Love, miracles… It is the second book of The Song of Albion trilogy. And another Lawhead roller coaster. It wasn’t a sequel, it was the second of a trilogy – completely different

7. Shades of Grey

A 1984 set in a chromatically stratified world. The color spectrum defines who you are. Each person can only see one color ranging from ultraviolet to grey. The Rules define what color is allowed to do what and when and each person has to earn a certain amount of merits to even live, much less get married. It is the first of a series I am excited to read. It almost manages to be completely emotionless except for the end which is just sad.

There was one more, but it was by the same author as number 7. It was a pretty good mystery, but nothing worth writing about

For the Next week

– The Help

– The Book Thief

– Game of Thrones

– Anna Kerenina

– Three Cups of Tea

– The Anglo Files

– 1434: The Year A Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy and Ignited the Rennaisance

– The Age of Chivalry

 I only know what one of these books is about, so…. this should be interesting
 – W

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