Crash Course in Book Reviews (Part 2)

3. Guernesy Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

It is the Channel Islands, 1946, and the islanders are beginning to pick up the pieces after a the German occupation. In London, a successful writer, Juliet, is drained after a book tour, bad press, and writer’s block. One of the islanders finds an address in a book that had been sold used and writes the previous owner,Juliet. What follows is an incredible story of hope, love, friendship, and recovery as the islanders take turns writing letters to Juliet telling their story. Imagine if Anne had never gone to Green Gables, but the people from Prince Edward Island wrote her. Sometimes I would have to stop what I was doing and just laugh as a story came out about a farmer acting out Marc Antony’s speech. Other times the description of concentration camps, the lives of the islanders, and the horrors of the wars were a lot to process. Each character expresses themselves simply and completely in character. It is excellently written and I only wish it had been published before the authors death, so we could have had the pleasure of reading more of her work.

4. Jurassic Park and the Lost World

Michael Crichton is inventive and, after watching the  movies, I figured I would read them. I was bored by the middle of the second one. Jurassic Park was inventive and, while I knew the story, the book is always better than the movie. The second book bored me, the plot was not as good and the characters were a little loose almost like they were all living in their own bubble.

5. Artemis Fowl

The reader was Irish….sigh….as in any youth fiction, the story was predictable and the characters were stereotypical, but not a bad way to spend a homework session and house cleaning. It was short, only five hours, but enough time to spend on yet another preteen genius. there was one clever line, “I had an interesting day. And it wasn’t the discovery-of-radium, first-man-on-the-moon-happy kind of interesting day.
It was the Spanish-Inquisition, here-comes-the-Hindenburg bad kind of interesting day.”

– W



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