Crash Course in Book Reviews (Part 1)

Because of the quality time Ihave been able to spend with my iPod I have been going through books faster than usual. In the last two years, between travel, work, and school, my reading has reduced. But over the last couple weeks my book consumption rate has skyrocketed. My library has an online Audiobook database I can download to my iPod. This is wonderful for my life.

1. The Bible

    – It took a few weeks at about six hours a day, but when I finished Revelation I wished I could go back to Genesis right then and do it again. I love hearing the story, the care of God for his people, the passion and fullness, the holiness and glory, and anticipation. By the time you hit the New Testament there is a pent up anticipation and drawn out waiting. After the prophets the Gospel is like an ocean of fresh water after the dessert. It ends so fast. All those lives building up to the Christ. It is like a natural spring.

2. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

 – Eleven year old chemist and general genius, Flavia De Luce, has found a body in the cucumber patch and her dad might have killed him. This sends the precocious young girl and her bike, Gladys, all over the English countryside from jails and ancient school grounds to sewer pits. Smart and full of British accents, this book charmed the reader and kept the reader puzzling, but it is still able to be figured out. Perfect summer reading or in my case great for weeding. 

– W


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