Father’s Day

There is something special about having your dad step up and defend you with a shovel and threats to feed the offender piece by piece to a bobcat even if your assailant is only a rooster. I won’t waste space reminding you how odious, intolerable, and terrifying our rooster is. Just accept it as a fact. It is a truth universally acknowledged that roosters are evil.

Once the rooster made me bleed dad chased it,with a shovel, while telling the rooster it’s not so bright future.

I have learned so much from my dad, who is the smartest and most humble man I know. He loves God and wants to honor Him completely. These are my favorite things about dad.

– He taught me how to make milk mustaches.

– We had coffee together when I was little. He gave me an espresso cup of coffee when I was two which explains why coffee is necessary to proper function.

– He taught me how to throw a football in the church sanctuary.

– He let me help him build, fix, and make things including our house, the entertainment center, and everything I break….

– He taught me how to think about and defend my faith.

– He introduced me to every genre of music typically by some sort of making rendition emphasizing the wimpiness of the men singing, emulating a falsetto, or communicating a deep eternal truth. Now he writes kareoke, writes parodies, and sings with them….sometimes with a Kermit the Frog voice 🙂

-He danced with me to blaring music…and dances with my sisters now

– He takes each of us girls to breakfast every now and then

– He knows my favorite flowers 🙂

– He can get me sucked into YouTube where we spend hours delving into music, sports, and hilarity…

– He checks on me to make sure I get to work and come home safely

– He loves God and has taught me by example

I love you Dad

– W


One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. How precious is this! I know your Momma from blogging. I came to check out your blog……I love your Mom’s……now I love yours. You wrote such a beautiful tribute to your Dad. So honoring……I am sure he was blessed. You have been given a gift…….but I am sure you know that….it shows in your writing!

    Keep up the good work!
    Hugs from my farm,

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