An American’s Weed; An European’s Vegetable

My fellow field hand and I were lamenting the waste of time and money in weeding the most horrendously prolific weed in the world, purslane. The funny thing is purslane is actually a vegetable superfood found in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Mexico. We decided to try to make some of the weeding money back for our wonderful boss by marketing and selling the darn thing. It goes onto the shelves today and I can’t wait to show off the flyer I came up with.


I am thinking about turning my sketchbook into a sort of plant journal. I am learning to recognize many weeds, edible plants, root vegetables, and other plants. I think it is time to start chronicling that with a sketch, all the facts I know, and how to make it if it is good or the remedy if it is poisonous.

– W


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