Courage and Corvettes

What does a yellow corvette, a retirement home, chipotle, and music all have in common? Me! Well, my afternoon yesterday. My uncle sporadically called me up to see if I wanted to come play piano for him at a retirement home where he does a vespers service.

We left after church in his yellow corvette , which he asked me to drive…. I didn’t. After lunch and ice cream and getting lost we went to Rosewood, a little retirement community for people who have no one or are not able to take care of themselves.  We had a little church service and afterwards one of the residents pulled out his guitar and sat me back down to sing. We went through all the old classics, He’s got the whole world in his hands, Old Rugged Cross, I’ll Fly Away, and You’ve Got a Line; I Got a Pole, Honey… I hadn’t had that much fun in weeks.

The caretaker pushed all the wheelchairs close around us and everyone was whooping and hollering. At the end he said, “I think I’m going to write a song about you.”

” This is my song for you, every word in it is true……”

My uncle told me that was the most fun he had there in a while.

I heard that all it takes is tnty seconds of insane courage and something good will come of it. I don’t know if the courage came in agreeing to go or agreeing to sing, but it definitely ended well and I will be going back.



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