Things I Miss

Making Wadjit


A year ago today my best friend, D, and I began an adventure.

Today, I couldn’t help thinking about a few of the many things that were so incredible, fun, and God-given.

In short, I miss Indonesia.


The Day I Got My Machete

Two Goats Had Twins In the First Month

The Girls…Some of Them

Duck Herding

Climbing Rhambutan Trees

My Roommate and Oliver, our Kitten For a Weekend



One thought on “Things I Miss

  1. Hi Kate!
    Just came across your clever blog today and found myself reading entry after entry. I marked the one about contentment and sent it to my husband; really well put! We are both believers and followers of Jesus Christ- and have found that truth of contentment to be found only in knowing Him. I was also mentioning your blog to my husband and we both agreed that we wish we could have been more like you when we were your age; seeking Christ, living life to the fullest, and loving one’s family! Carry on! I hope many of your peers and those younger will read your words and be motivated to seek Christ personally. I commented at this entry b/c I too love travelling and seeing the world and all its peoples.

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