Morning Rituals

Some things you don’t know you are missing out on until you start doing them. For some it might be bowling, bingo, going to bridge club, or whatever young kids do these days. Mine happens to be having a morning ritual. I am a little harm-scarum and typically I hit the ground running in some direction, but ever since I started leaving early, I have culled my morning into what needs to get done.

I tumble out of bed at four thirty. In the last couple days I find myself expecting my alarm while I am asleep. I get dressed, make my bed, and check my braid from the day before as quickly as possible. Then I beeline for the teakettle. I gave up coffee because of the caffeine, but now I have discovered Persian tea and  may have developed a deeper attachment.

But the best part of the morning is around five o’clock when my oatmeal is simmering, I am sipping my tea, reading, and dad shuffles in to make coffee. I get to talk to him over my breakfast and water bottle prep. He always sees me off and makes sure I get to work in one piece. I love that about my dad. He tells me to drive defensively and be careful.

He makes my morning routine worth getting up for.

– W



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